Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Grinch

A very tired little guy, opening gifts
Now that Christmas has come and gone, our son's room is strewn with toys that don't fit in the toy box. Time for the Christmas Grinch to steal toys!

I've been going through the house, bagging things for a Goodwill drop off, and his room was not spared. I aimed to take out as many things as he received. Some things that are leaving include a helicopter that alternated between playing the noises of chopping propellers and tinny music, some baby rattles, and a toy that was supposed to encourage tummy time but that really only got a month of use because it frustrated him when it rolled away and he couldn't crawl after it.

Keeping the house free of clutter and keeping the floor safe for a toddler is a never ending chore. Frequent trips to the Goodwill combined with an organized system of storage makes things easier to control. I wonder how long the Christmas Grinch can get away with "stealing" unneeded toys, and whether our son will eventually be able to pare down his collection on his own without too much fuss.

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